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5 Ways to Boost Online Visibility Using Google

Are you looking to increase your brand’s online visibility?

If you want to reach a bigger audience and increase your sales, your products need to be visible online.

One of the many ways to increase exposure of your business is through search-engine optimization. You need to analyze what people are looking for on Google and optimize your online store and content accordingly.

At the same time, Google needs to know about the existence of your website so it can rank it. This is where you register for Search Console and use its tools to better optimize your website.

Keep reading to discover the 5 best ways to boost your store’s visibility using Google and attract more customers.

1. Use Keywords and SEO

You can achieve bigger online visibility using keywords related to your business.

Let’s say you own an e-commerce store for organic food. Your keywords should represent exactly what your target customers are searching for on Google. Some examples include ‘organic maple syrup near me’, ‘organic gluten-free rice flour’, or ‘best organic aloe vera juice’.

Use Google’s own Keyword Planner tool to help you discover the best keywords for your business.

2. Set Up Your Social Media Accounts Properly

The more people talk about your brand and products online, the higher Google will rank your business.

The best way to generate this buzz is to use social media. You can connect with your audience, analyze their needs, see their feedback and place targeted ads.

Use keywords to help Google find your accounts, post regularly and link as much content as you can back to your website.

3. Use Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a product of the Google Merchant Center and Google Ads. You can create feeds, optimize the product properties, create shopping campaigns, and see how your products perform over time.

With Google Shopping, you can also use custom labels for the products if you need to categorize them. You can create labels for bestsellers, seasons, price points, year of release and more.

As of recently, Google Shopping became available in Southeast Asia, with CrescoData as the first Google Shopping partner based there.

4. Register Your Website for Google Search Console

Tell Google your website is functional and ready for ranking by signing up for Google Search Console.

Google bots will analyze your website, pages, and content and extract the necessary information in order to rank it.

Make sure you have a complete sitemap and that you have allowed the bots to access your website.

5. Speed Up Your Website

Slow websites don’t rank well on Google. Your website loading speed should be below 2 seconds. If it takes more time to load, visitors will leave the website, increasing your bounce rate.

At this point, Google won’t consider the website of good enough quality to rank it on the first page.

You can check your website speed and tips on making it faster using Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool.

Take These Steps to Boost Your Online Visibility Using Google

You can become more easily accessible to your customers if you improve your visibility online.

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Anna Trybocka