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Maropost’s Strategic Partner of the Year is CrescoData!

Maropost names CrescoData as its Strategic Partner of the Year!

Maropost names CrescoData as ‘Strategic Partner of the Year’
See Announcement from Maropost.

Maropost Commerce Cloud CrescoData as its Strategic Partner of the Year!  This is an exceptional accolade and recognition of the close working relationship between the Maropost Commerce Cloud and CrescoData teams.  The announcement included the reason for naming CrescoData as the Strategic Partner of the Year:

“CrescoData is a key partner of Maropost and provides excellent integration services to many marketplaces for our customers. Professional, organized and responsive to customer needs, they bring solutions and experiences that help our clients grow their businesses quickly. CrescoData and Maropost have a big 2022 planned, with more features, access, security and several new marketplaces connections in the works,” – Ross Andrew Paquette, CEO and founder of Maropost.

Unaware of the recognition until the announcement, the CrescoData team cheered upon hearing the news today . It is a real team partnership from sales to development, delivery team, marketing, customer technical solutions and customer success.

“CrescoData is thrilled to be named as Maropost’s partner of the year. Our close integration and partnership with Maropost enables us to quickly roll out new apps and services that help drive sales and deliver automation benefits for the Maropost seller base.” Anna Trybocka – CEO, CrescoData

The team is back to work rolling out new products, new Maropost apps and support for Maropost and its customers.

For further information about the close working partnership, CrescoData hosts an FAQ, list of Maropost apps and Case Study with MyDeal.

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