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Automation + scale in Commerce

With the emergence of integrated platforms and super apps, eCommerce automation is more relevant than ever before

11th June 2019

We are witnessing a trend of commerce sites integrating to form behemoth online platforms all over the world. From Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods in […]

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Is Lazada Turning into the Amazon of Southeast Asia?

10th June 2019

With approximately 1.2 billion users, a presence in 58 countries, and claiming 50% of the U.S. market share, Amazon clearly dominates the international online commerce […]

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Supply Chain Management with Machine Learning

29th April 2019

This Forbes article talks about how to improve supply chains with machine learning and fits perfectly with our mission to intelligently scale commerce. Our customers […]

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Marketing Technology Lumascape

18th September 2018

Check out this LUMAscape series: the Marketing Technology LUMAscape. This latest landscape maps out two categories of software offerings: 1) Sales and Marketing software, and […]

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So is Amazon Australia changing the retail landscape as promised?

10th September 2018

What should sellers be aware of? Amazon will potentially take a big bite of the retail market in Australia – a AU$12 billion big bite, […]

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Lazada is up to the challenge.

22nd August 2018

Lazada is thinking big: learning from their annual Lazada Seller Event We were lucky enough to join an exclusive group of 100 active sellers and […]

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