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CASE STUDY: The Perfume Network of Australia Headless Commerce Integration

Case Study - Headless Commerce Integration

Perfume Network of Australia (PNOA) is an independent importer and distributor of genuine fragrances to the Australian wholesale and retail market.

PNOA has supplied independent retail pharmacies, perfumeries, chains and department stores for the past 19 years, and confidently carry the most extensive range of fragrances within Australia incorporating:

    – Fine French – (YSL, Hugo Boss, Estee Lauder, Christian Dior and more
    – Mass Market – Yardley range, Panache, Tweed
    – Skincare – high quality brands (Clarins, Clinique and Estee Lauder)
    – Gift Sets – comprehensive listings in both Fine French and Mass Market

The Challenge

PNOA’s uses a marketplace strategy for its business growth so it can reach more customers, on different platforms and scale its business as demand increases. PNOA had tried to connect directly to marketplaces but realised it was not a scalable solution especially with its ambitious business growth plans.

PNOA determined that it needed a middleware platform to help connect its data to multiple destinations. PNOA looked to appoint a specialist marketplace and API integration partner to provide a single point of integration for its marketplace roll out. The right partner would help PNOA streamline and scale.

The business looked at a number of providers but realised that other platforms did not have the full capabilities needed to grow and scale with PNOA. That’s why PNOA chose CrescoData as its integration partner.

The Solution

PNOA selected CrescoData to partner on its strategic direction as its integration specialist. Using the CrescoData Management Platform, CrescoData was able to connect PNOA to selected marketplaces using pre-built connectors that synced product, orders and order status via API integration.

Source Platform: SQL database

“CrescoData is exactly what we needed in an integration partner. The team from dev to customer success are very knowledgeable, clued in and accessible, especially when we need to move fast and need information. There is always open communication, the team is proactive and supportive. CrescoData is a true partner on PNOA’s business journey.” Manish Aggarwal – Founder & Managing Director, The Perfume Network of Australia (PNOA)

The Results

    – 120% increase in products uploaded with the CrescoData integration
    – 280% increase in customer orders with the CrescoData integration
    – 60% reduction in API management through single integration with CrescoData
    – 200% uplift in orders processed through the integration since May 2021
    – 25% reduction data management resources required
    – 33% faster product onboarding to marketplaces.

Why CrescoData?

After CrescoData implemented the streamlined, single point of integration process, every marketplace PNOA needed for its business plan connected with ease. One database connected to multiple marketplaces which also has meant that PNOA can connect to more marketplaces in the future quickly and easily.

Working with CrescoData has saved time and money including costs like less server and bandwidth. We have also seen a 20-25% reduction in time spent on data management and manpower needed to process orders. This is critical when scaling.

A key capability of CrescoData is its ability to connect to PNOA’s SQL database. For other providers, this was too difficult. Not for CrescoData. The team just made it happen.Manish Aggarwal – Founder &Managing Director, The Perfume Network of Australia (PNOA)

The PNOA Perspective

The Perfume Network selected CrescoData as a true partner on its business journey. Early on in the business development, we knew the point to point connection process for Marketplaces was not sustainable and that we needed a solution to optimise and streamline this process if we wanted to scale to ambitious levels.

This is where CrescoData has played a vital role in not only providing the platform and marketplace connection expertise but also truly delivering a partnership that is accessible and committed to our success as much as theirs.

CrescoData’s marketplace knowledge and strong API integration capabilities fast-tracked our business vision. They know the marketplaces not only with pre-built connectors but also continuous understanding of API changes and updates so that PNOA can focus on its customers and products.

PNOA has experienced considerable return on its investment using CrescoData for a single point of integration to expand PNOA’s marketplace presence.

Moving from point to point to single point of integration with CrescoData was by far the smartest tech move we have made in the business and one that we are committed to as our business continues to grow in Australia and cross-border.

For further information about this close working partnership, contact CrescoData today.

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