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CASE STUDY: MyDeal Maropost Commerce Cloud App

Case Study - MyDeal Maropost Addon Marketplace Solution

Established in 2011, (ASX: MYD) is a leading Australian online retail marketplace that provides customers with quality products from a curated selection of trusted retailers. Since 2011, MyDeal has brought Australian shoppers the biggest brands, the best deals, discounts and sales on an extensive range of home and lifestyle products.

The Challenge

The brief from was to provide a self-service application to scale Maropost Commerce Cloud seller onboarding to MyDeal. This included key elements:

    – Remove manual onboarding processes
    – Connect Maropost merchants via API
    – Remove drop-ship stock sync issues
    – Ensure seamless and real-time notifications upon order dispatch to customers
    – Maropost Commerce Cloud addons page.

The Solution

CrescoData worked with key technology partner, Maropost to add as an app within its addons, while connecting into Maropost ’s shared oAuth to ensure a seamless experience for merchants. CrescoData also:

    – Connected to the MyDeal API
    – Category tree, products, price and stock, orders, order status updates
    – In consultation, configured Maropost app setup with specific MyDeal requirements
    – Thorough testing between CrescoData and MyDeal ensuring all test scenarios passed
    – Worked with Maropost and MyDeal post-go-live to adapt and improve to user feedback.

“Managing different sales channels and marketplaces can become costly, time-consuming and troublesome. MyDeal has proven how powerful integrating platforms can be in order to have a seamless process to help manage products and orders. With this in place, we focus on selling our products.” N.Ganon, KG Electronic, merchant

Why CrescoData?

Based on the seamless connectors they had built with other marketplaces, CrescoData was an easy choice for MyDeal when it came to building an integration for their Maropost merchants. This solution was delivered with ease and has helped MyDeal to drive value for merchants selling on the marketplace. From start to finish of the App development, the collaboration between the two teams was exceptional which allowed for a fast and efficient rollout.

MyDeal has achieved extraordinary results that have been enhanced by the Integration.

    – 1.9x Return on Investment
    – 1 Million active customers
    – 6M product listings and 2.3M products shipped
    – 150+ merchants are now using the Maropost Commerce Cloud App
    – MyDeal has seen an uplift in the number of merchants looking to sell on the platform
    – 50% reduction in onboarding times for new merchants coming onto MyDeal
    – MyDeal has reinvested money from managing integrations into marketing for sellers
    – Merchants now reinvest their time from managing their store to sales-driving activities

“Based on the seamless connectors they had built with other marketplaces, CrescoData was an easy choice for MyDeal when it came to building an integration for Maropost merchants. The MyDeal and CrescoData teams worked well together to deliver an efficient solution which has helped MyDeal to drive value for merchants selling on the marketplace.” Kate Dockery, Head of Product,

The Perspective

CrescoData has played a pivotal role in driving the success of Maropost merchants on MyDeal through the development of a solution that helps them to stop sweating the small stuff and start seeing results.

As MyDeal has grown over the years, more and more emphasis has been placed on building seamless solutions to help merchants manage their stores. With a fast-growing community of Maropost merchants choosing to list their products on MyDeal, many hours were being spent on product and order management, meaning sales and promotions were falling out of focus.

Merchants using Maropost were falling behind those that were using other platforms to integrate their MyDeal store, so a fast and convenient solution was desperately needed.

Enter CrescoData.

Not only did CrescoData help build that connector, but they aligned their team to MyDeal’s values, creating a powerful synergy between the two teams and most importantly, generating amazing results for Maropost merchants.

Since the Maropost connector has been in place, the growth seen by MyDeal and Maropost Merchants has accelerated at a rapid pace. Merchants using the App, are now able to invest more in promotions; and are surpassing their peers as they realize their true sales potential on the marketplace.


For further information about the close working partnership, CrescoData hosts an FAQ, list of Maropost apps or Download the MyDeal Case Study.

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