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CrescoData + THE ICONIC

CrescoData’s Branded Portal is designed to help merchants on eCommerce platforms to self-onboard to one or many Marketplaces. 

This includes the ability to sync products, stock, pricing, orders and order updates between your eCommerce platform and Marketplace(s).

CrescoData is the most flexible and extensive eCommerce connector, allowing you to configure your sales channels to your specific needs.

Key Features

Marketplace Mapper

Step-by-step workflow, allowing for the enrichment of product categories and attributes required to publish products to The Iconic. No more spreadsheets or manual data entry!

Rules Builder

Modify product information before sending it to The Iconic, without effecting your Product Source. Common rules include stock buffers, price changes and publishing rules.

Health Dashboard

Transparency through a one-page summary, providing key actions and a summary of performance at a glance. Know the percentage of products successfully synced.

We connect with leading eCommerce Platforms

Connected into over 100+ Channels
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Supporting over 2000 merchants
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Processing over 100M Syncs per month
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Some of the Marketplaces we support

Trusted by the most innovative teams around the world!

You’re in good company!

CrescoData is a key partner of Maropost and provides excellent integration services to many marketplaces for our customers. Professional, organized and responsive to customer needs, they bring solutions and experiences that help our clients grow their businesses quickly.
Ross Andrew Paquette
CEO and Founder
CrescoData is exactly what we needed in an integration partner. The team from dev to customer success are very knowledgeable, clued in and accessible, especially when we need to move fast and need information.
Manish Aggarwal
Founder & Managing Director
We are delighted to have CrescoData as our first integration partner in APAC. The CrescoData team has a deep understanding of the APAC eCommerce ecosystem and its automated seller integration solutions can help Mirakl marketplaces scale.
Damian Purvis​
Regional Vice President

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