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Instagram launches dynamic ads!

Boost your sales via Instagram

Double the engagement and brand awareness with Instagram ads!
Instagram the leading mobile app, and photo and video sharing network has now turned on dynamic ads.

This dynamic remarketing feature allows you to promote the right products to the right person at the right time. When someone visits your website or mobile app, then scrolls through Instagram app after, an ad showing multiple related products (up to 5) from the ones they were browsing on your website in their Instagram feed.

Instagram dynamic ads works the same way as Facebook dynamic ads.


Effective results

Businesses are already seeing strong results with dynamic ads on Instagram. Especially if your business has a large product catalogue, dynamic ads will be key to targeting your potential customers.

A Canada-based personalised jewelry retailer, Jewlr, is one of the first few companies to put dynamic ads into action, saw a return on ad spend exceeding 3 times. Jewelry company, Brilliant Earth saw people visiting 24% more pages at a 42% lower bounce rate compared to traditional retargeting channels.

Get started

You need a product data feed. If you do not have one, CrescoData can help. This means that product changes and stock levels will be synchronised in the feed if something is out of stock it will automatically be hidden. Once you have your product feed sync’d into Business Manager then you can use Power Editor to buy, manage and report on Instagram ads.

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