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The changing retail industry in Singapore : How to survive Getting The Basics Right.

19th October 2018

The Singapore retail industry is facing challenging times. Retail sales are declining leaving more and more vacant spaces in the shopping malls. Consequently, this means […]

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Marketing Technology Lumascape

18th September 2018

Check out this LUMAscape series: the Marketing Technology LUMAscape. This latest landscape maps out two categories of software offerings: 1) Sales and Marketing software, and […]

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So is Amazon Australia changing the retail landscape as promised?

10th September 2018

What should sellers be aware of? Amazon will potentially take a big bite of the retail market in Australia – a AU$12 billion big bite, […]

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TOP 8 Industry Trends that we think matter

1st September 2018

Asia is dominated by horizontal eCommerce players and it is crucial for market players to find their niche. Marketplaces are transforming in 2018 by moving […]

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CrescoData and Muzaara partnership means more returns on your investment!

29th August 2018

Running effective advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook is essential for anyone looking to succeed in their eCommerce business.  The team at CrescoData wholeheartedly believes […]

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Lazada is up to the challenge.

22nd August 2018

Lazada is thinking big: learning from their annual Lazada Seller Event We were lucky enough to join an exclusive group of 100 active sellers and […]

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