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Successfully Displaying your Products on 3rd party websites

2nd October 2015

For most retailers, promoting your products on 3rd party websites is a necessary demand generation tool. Find it, and they will come! But the reality […]

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Facebook launches dynamic product ads

7th April 2015

Facebook recently launched their dynamic product ads. Dynamic Product ads are a new type of ad specifically designed for retailers and enable them to promote […]

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Who's doing Omni-channel retailing well?

7th March 2015

Omni-Channel Retailing We read a lot about omni-channel retailing in 2014 but is 2015 the ‘year that omni-channel comes of age’? What is omni-channel retailing? […]

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What are the challenges to provide high-quality data feeds via data feed optimisation?

7th January 2015

Any company working within the retail space uses data feeds. Not everyone might be aware of the term but a data feed is simply a […]

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