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How to get the most out of eCommerce Sales Events

Getting the most out of the Q4 eCommerce Sales Events

The Value of a ‘Bargain’

eCommerce Sales Event Calendar

Everyone loves a bargain and based on thousands of customer data studies, sales promotions are the mainstay of an eCommerce customer strategy, especially when it comes to Sale Day Events. eCommerce Sale Day Events are highly anticipated with each month having a special reason to celebrate and theme online shop products and content. From Father’s Day, to Singles Day to Black Friday, a brand’s ability to offer more value during sales periods will often result in stronger sales performance.

According to Osman Husain, sale periods like Black Friday have consumers spending at an extraordinary rate with their customers.

At its peak, the global Black Friday sale raked in US$1.5 million a minute.” Osman Husain,

Ensuring your brand captures attention at peak consumer periods is critical to strong sales performance. From connecting your shop to a marketplace and digital ad channels through to planning the right sales offers, it all creates visibility, attention, relevancy, consideration and ultimately, conversion.

Nearly 57% of brands see their sales spike in Q4″ – Big Commerce

How can a brand stand out?

Whilst discounting is one of the most obvious sales tactics, what else can a brand offer customers that will turn them into long term loyal shoppers long after a Sale Day?

¬†Consumers seek great service, products and deals. Whether it is in-store, on an eStore or via a marketplace, consumer spending in Q4 has a significant uptick around Retail + eCommerce Sale Dates. Choosing the right sale relevant to these key dates is something that sellers should consider when planning.” Mel Lindquist, Director of Customer Experience & Marketing, CrescoData

Critical to standing out and optimising sales during these peak periods is:

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