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Facebook launches dynamic product ads

Facebook recently launched their dynamic product ads. Dynamic Product ads are a new type of ad specifically designed for retailers and enable them to promote their entire product catalogue to the Facebook audience.

The ads look the same as the current image ads on Facebook. They also appear in the same place, in the news feed and on the right hand side. The difference lies in the set up. The ads are feed based and rather than having to create individual product ads, the new programme generates ads for your entire inventory based on a dynamic template. Facebook will automatically draw the relevant product information from your product data feed to dynamically service ads to specific audiences. If your products are marked out of stock in your feed they will not be displayed.

The concept is similar to other Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) – such as Google Shopping or PLA’s on the eBay Commerce network however the Facebook ads are targeted at customers who have visited your site.

Retargeting can be applied by site visit or down to specific product level. Facebook can also layer other levels of retargeting on top including interest or location.

As these are highly relevant, personalised ads, expect to see huge differences in conversation rates and sales!

Facebook cites testimonials with over 30% increases in CTR and over 35% reduction in cost per purchase.

CrescoData has added the Facebook Dynamic Product ads to their list of publishing destinations. If you’re a CrescoData client just let us know if you’d like these activated for you.

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Anna Trybocka