Cresco Data Support Services Policy

  1. This Support Policy is deemed incorporated by reference in the Cresco Terms of Service and unless otherwise defined, all capitalised terms used herein refer to the terms as defined in the Cresco Terms of Service. Customer’s use of any support provided by Cresco constitutes acceptance of this Support Policy, and Customer’s continued use of such support further constitutes acceptance of any revisions or updates to this Support Policy as Cresco may make and publish from time to time.
  2. Cresco offers the following support:
    1. “Basic Support” which includes a web based Information Centre containing guides on publishing destinations, frequently asked questions and other information needed by customers, and assistance on Incidents reported via email to Cresco support will respond within 2 Business Days of Cresco’s receipt of the report on the Incident.
    2. “Premier Support” will include Basic Support and the following support:
      • Severity 1 and 2 incidents reported and responded to via phone and Severity 3 incidents reported and responded to via email in accordance with response times as set out in this Policy or the applicable SOW;
      • Price promotions by channel; and
      • Sale campaigns.
  3. Cresco will provide support between 9am and 6pm (Singapore Standard Time) Monday to Friday, excluding gazetted public holidays in Singapore.
  4. Cresco identifies three (3) incident severity levels which can be summarised in the table below:
    Severity level Description Example Target Response Time Progress Report Interval
    Level 1
    Incidents that may cause financial loss due to incorrect data being published
    • Price data wrong
    • Quantities wrong
    • Products shown as unavailable
    1 hour Every 2 hours
    Level 2
    Incidents that do not significantly impair the functioning of the service and do not significantly affect the service to users
    • Products missing
    • Description and / or title shown incorrectly
    • API or feed changes on the merchant or publishing site side causing missing products
    4 hours On resolution of Incident
    Level 3
    Incidents with no impact to service
    • Description and/or title shown incorrectly
    24 hours On resolution of the Incident
  5. For issues within the publishing destinations such as API downtime or system unavailability, Cresco will liaise with the publishing destinations to work towards the resolution of an Incident. Cresco cannot guarantee any resolution time in such cases.
  6. Support (whether Basic Support or Premier Support) provided by Cresco does not include:
    1. any services other than those set out in a SOW signed by Cresco and Customer;
    2. resolution of Incidents caused by (i) unauthorised access or use; (ii) any third party; (iii) customer error; (iv) any changes to Customer’s data input (e.g. account password changes, website upgrades, change in platform or any other changes to Customer’s website); (v) any failure to provide Cresco with sufficient information related to the Incident; or (v) any failure by Customer to comply with the Cresco Terms of Service, the applicable SOW and/or any other agreement between Customer and Cresco;
    3. training of staff;
    4. investigation or corrections of errors in services other than the Services;
    5. correction of product data;
    6. support in languages other than English or Mandarin; or
    7. providing service information generally available,

    except that if Customer requests in writing, Cresco may agree to provide, at a Fee, any of the above excluded services to be agreed between Cresco and Customer in a SOW.

  7. In reporting an Incident, Customer is to state the following via phone or in an email sent to
    • Customer name, and Customer contact person’s name, telephone number and email.
    • Severity Level.
    • Name of the feed affected and of the Publishing Destination of the affected feed.
    • Description of the Incident, including screen-shots of error messages or what the user sees on the Publishing Destination.
    • Description on the impact to Customer’s business.
  8. Cresco may charge Customer a Fee at Cresco’s standard rate for any issue escalated to Cresco which is not an Incident.

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